When you think of virtual reality (VR), what do you imagine? Perhaps you imagine games like Pokemon GO, or the PS VR. Perhaps you picture high-tech laboratories like those you see in the Avengers movies, where geniuses design new technology with a wave of the hand. Seems pretty far fetched, right?

The true power of VR right now lies somewhere between those two scenarios. We don’t yet have fully virtual laboratories – but VR is far more than an elaborate toy. Even in the construction industry, renowned for its cautious approach to new technology, architects are already helping clients step inside their designs using the power of VR.

But does VR have any other applications in construction? In this article we’ll outline some of the benefits that the AEC industry – and its clients – could realise by combining the power of VR and BIM.

Who Benefits from using VR in Construction?

Generally speaking, there are two parties who stand to gain most from the use of virtual-reality tools: