A concrete and wood home situated above the hills of Los Angeles designed by architecture and design firm Charlap Hyman & Herrero is currently under construction.

The “small concrete villa,” according to the designers, is “submerged into a hillside” and is designed to appear as “a bridge spanning two large cylinders, pierced by a tree that extends through the roofline.”Organized along along a central “narrow plan” hallway that “unfolds as a sequence of distinctly shaped indoor and outdoor rooms,” the home offers a stylized and severe interpretation of the California hillside home typology.The home is organized so that this hallway, lined with concealed storage spaces, links the opposing ends of the home, including the aforementioned central courtyard space.

The courtyard, according to the architects, orients the house toward its mountaintop views while also offering a central node connecting a series of peripheral rooms that maintain ample indoor-outdoor connections, including a lounge that falls both below and outside the building’s roof.The roof, of course, is topped by a rectangular swimming pool that sits above the home’s kitchen and dining area. According to the architects, “Working with limited spatial constraints, each room is furnished distinctly to fit its function and characteristics.”