Aidia Studio used glass-reinforced concrete panels and steel for a latticed roof for a train station in Tulum, Mexico. The studio built the unique curved roof in an “eye-shaped footprint” for an efficient use of space.



Mexican and English architecture office Aidia Studio has designed a train station for Tulum with a sweeping latticed roof that will be built on the Tren Maya railway line in Mexico.Aidia Studio designed the perforated roof made from structural steel and glass-reinforced concrete panels to enclose over the platforms and concourse.

The geometric grid will be glazed in places to keep out the rain and lined with wood on the inside.The studio designed the station to respond to Tulum’s climate. The town is on the Yucatan peninsula, which has a tropical climate characterised by high temperatures, humidity and a rainy season.

“To deal with this extreme weather, we envisaged a large open lattice roof, glazed in strategic locations, enabling public semi-open spaces that function without mechanical ventilation,” said studio founders Rolando Rodriguez-Leal and Natalia Wrzask.

Smaller openings in areas that receive the midday sun are worked into the roof’s pattern, which is designed to create shady spots and allow sea breezes to waft through the station.