Stepping outside the norm of 8.5-ft (2.6-m)-wide tiny home construction, Colorado’s MitchCraft has created a stunning extra-wide micro home on wheels that could even convert the tiny lifestyle skeptic.



Dubbed Kay’s Tiny Home, this new take on a tiny house measures 29 ft (8.8 m) long by 10 ft (3 m) wide and offers an interior space built for comfort.

Many tiny house builders opt to keep things relatively simple and stay well within legal towing limits when designing homes on wheels. However, this does come with obvious space limitations and it’s no surprise we’re now starting to see homes stretch the boundaries in order to capitalize on interior space, storage, and to put it simply, comfortable living.

The quaint exterior is clad in white-painted timber and wooden shingles, while steel is the material choice for the roof and window frames.

Double glass doors serve as the entrance to the home, which also open up the living space to the outdoors.The extra width of Kay’s Tiny Home makes the interior of the home feel closer to living spaces onboard luxury yachts, with the added benefit of including a full-sized kitchen, large open living area and twin master lofts.

On the down side, owners of larger tiny homes like this one would need to apply for a special road permit when transporting the tiny house.