Visitors to McDonald’s new flagship restaurant in Walt Disney World Resort, Florida, will find themselves ordering their Big Mac in an impressively green building that generates its own power with solar panels.

The building also features other sustainable additions, including green wall areas and natural ventilation.Designed by Ross Barney Architects, the McDonald’s Disney World building is a remodeling project that measures 8,024 sq ft (745 sq m) and has wooden louvers on the exterior that are broken up by the green walls.

The focus throughout the design process was placed on minimizing the building’s grid-based energy usage so that it generates enough renewable electricity to meet 100 percent of its required electricity on a net annual basis (i.e. a Net Zero Energy building).

“The design team took the final energy profile and explored options for on-site power generation, which included solar, geo-thermal, and wind,” explains Ross Barney Architects.