After being commissioned to turn an old dilapidated building into a residence, the Czech Republic’s ORA briefly considered a typical restoration. However, the firm says it was “a ruin to the bone,” and decided on a more radical approach instead, tearing down the interior and inserting a new modern home within.

The project is named House Inside a Ruin and has a usable floorspace of 248 sq m (around 2,600 sq ft), spread over three floors. The building itself was originally used as a large luxurious home – the rental page (in Czech) lists its construction date as the 17th century, though the architects aren’t sure when it was built – and was seized during 20th century communist rule and turned into a granary.

ORA created an inner shell from insulated brick to form the new interior, which is kept apart from the old existing structure with a ventilated gap. Additionally, the firm reused structurally sound wooden ppermost ceiling.