Digital Design Apps can Help Make Building Projects Safer for Construction workers

Glasgow, Scotland — Construction project designers can create safer buildings and enhance their knowledge of common design-related hazards by using multimedia digital apps that help identify, prevent and mitigate risks to construction workers, researchers from Glasgow Caledonian University say in a recent study.

The researchers asked 20 novice and 20 experienced designers from two industry groups of architects and civil engineers to review computer-aided building drawings to identify hazards and make decisions about designing for occupational safety and health. The designers were divided into an experimental group (app users) and a control group (internet searchers).

Overall, the designers recognized 599 hazards. The biggest difference in hazard recognition came after the introduction of the app to the experimental group, which used the tool to recognize an additional 105 hazards. The control group, meanwhile, found only 27 additional hazards with help from an internet search.

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