Studio Puisto has designed an adaptable, prefabricated cabin that can be built anywhere and used as anything from a garden office to a remote off-grid retreat.

Named Space of Mind, the compact cabin was developed in collaboration with furniture brand Made By Choice in response to the coronavirus pandemic, to offer people who are forced to spend more time at home a space to unwind.Studio Puisto intends for Space of Mind to serve primarily as a remote, off-grid hideout, but they can also be built closer to home for use as an office, garden gym or spare bedroom.

The cabins have modular interiors that also allow them to be quickly and easily adapted to suit a user’s changing needs.”Space of Mind is a modern cabin that acts as a dedicated space to think, recharge and unwind – somewhere we can find our own peace of mind,” explained the Finnish studio.

“How we find that peace of mind looks different for all of us. Therefore, an integral aspect to the design of Space of Mind is its versatility and adaptability,” it said.”Through a modular system, Space of Mind can serve as anything from a spare bedroom to a gym to a home office with the flexibility to be placed nearly anywhere in the world.”