The City of Westport has been working toward installation of a vertical tsunami evacuation platform for many years, and is now closer than ever to the goal.

“Four years ago, Ocosta School District became the first entity in North America to construct a vertical tsunami evacuation structure,” said Dr. Harry Carthum, chairman of the city committee driving the project.

“The good news is now we will, with certainty, become the first city in North America to protect not only our school children but all our residents and all our visitors, we have gotten that far along.The largest of the four is the one the committee is focused on now, in the marina district, said Carthum.

“The original concept for the dock area was to build a parking structure on Port (of Grays Harbor) property adjoining the public washrooms,” said Carthum. “For a couple of reasons, that hasn’t worked out; the property was not available and the cost of putting up a parking structure was prohibitive.”