From potholes to deteriorating bridges, keeping up with repairs—and finding the money to do so—is a constant struggle.

In an effort to complete jobs faster and win more bids, contractors are always looking for ways to speed up their processes while spending less. A hydro-blasting contractor working on a large bridge rehabilitation project underway in Utah is having success using a unique technique that fits the bill.

When Utah DOT (UDOT) officials noticed a number of bridges on I-70 between Cove Fort and Sevier with bridge decks showing signs of significant wear, they started the process of updating them. The 20-mile project includes replacing the concrete deck on 14 parallel bridges to extend the life of the structures and provide an improved driving surface. Paving crews then follow, overlaying the roadway with asphalt.

UDOT hired W.W. Clyde & Co. as the project’s general contractor. The company is a heavy civil construction firm based out of Orem, Utah. W.W. Clyde then hired Lyman, Wyoming based Redi Services for the bridge concrete removal portion.The project was set to begin in April 2018 and be finished by the end of 2019.

For this to happen, W.W. Clyde carefully choreographed the plan for maximum efficiency. This meant a critical path with little downtime built in and contractors rapidly moving in to complete work as soon as the previous step in the project was finished. Redi Services was tasked with the first step, removing the top half of the 8-in. concrete bridge deck.