Construction Technology might not be the biggest buzzword in the startup ecosystem, but ConTech has the potential to rise like other sectors such as Medtech, Edtech, or Proptech.

In recent years, the startup ecosystem has shown promising signs of thriving sub-sectors. Israel might be known for its Medtech services or Edtech solutions, but there is a rising sector that investors might want to look at: ConTech.

Construction Technology is best described as the technology used to design, plan, or build structures or buildings. While it can closely resemble similar industries like Property Tech (‘Proptech’), their overlap shouldn’t be overstated: ConTech has, in its own right, every reason to be highlighted as an up-and-coming sector.

Whereas Proptech is usually restricted to technologies that can help with the economics of the property market, ConTech builds on that foundation and focuses on the construction process itself.