DF_DC has designed a five-story apartment building with an exoskeletal-style structure and consolidated service cores that allow for design changes without significant structural intervention. The bush-hammered concrete facade draws inspiration from Romanesque architecture.



Architecture studio DF_DC has designed a concrete apartment block overlooking Lake Lugano in the south of Switzerland that has a concrete exoskeleton so that the interior spaces are “free to change over time”.

Named after its street, Via Carona 6 contains 14 private-rental apartments that are shielded from the road by a concrete wall that was informed by the architecture of the 14th-century Pisa Baptistery

Built on a Swiss hillside the five-storey building is located alongside a winding road and above a railway track.

DF_DF designed the block in response to its site with its massing organised in a way that did not obstruct neighbouring views of the lake, a blank wall facing the road and large openings facing towards the lake.