Concrete has long been identified as the more brutal and raw architectural style. Almost giving things an unfinished look, concrete designs now have their own brutalist movement.

Concrete designs, with their raw facade, create a jarring yet beautiful contrast to the modern landscape scenario dominated by glass skyscrapers but have traditionally been very bold in their style. That is until we came across these architectural designs. Reinventing concrete for the modern world, each of the designs here has incorporated concrete in a modern, almost futuristic design, showcasing why this would be the perfect material to bring in modern architecture.

Almost surreal in appearance, the ‘House Inside a Rock’ by Amey Kandalgaonkar creates a contrast – using a natural stone shape carved from years of battling with nature and a concrete and glass interior to carve out the living space. Taking influence from the rock-cut tomb architecture of Saudi Arabia’s Madain Saleh, this ancient archaeological site is the perfect mix of the old and the new.

The designer of the concept says, “When I first saw the images of rock cut-tomb architecture, I knew I had to use it as an inspiration in an architectural project. There is a huge amount of architectural heritage laid out for us by past builders and I believe they did a great job of integrating built environments in natural elements.”