Concrete 3D printing startup Twente Additive Manufacturing is close to completing a lakeside house on a plot of land in British Columbia, Canada. Other objects 3D printed around the house include foot bridges, pieces of furniture, staircases and storm drains.



Twente Additive Manufacturing is a 3D printed concrete startup with a presence in the Netherlands and Canada. They sell a range of concrete printers and also print on demand for projects that make sense logistically. TAM’s next high profile construction 3D printing project is the Fibonacci House.

Their facility in BC, Canada is on a beautiful lakeside plot of land that has tons of room for growth. Jim Ziemlanski, the founder and tech lead is regularly printing out new objects for client projects and company projects to be placed permanently on facility grounds.

They print in 2 main classes of material, one with an accelerate mixed in at the nozzle of the printer and the other more akin to a regularly mixed concrete that is strong enough to support subsequent layers on top of itself before fully curing. With the accelerate, Twente is able to print overhanging structures and bridge gaps that regular concrete would require complex formwork to build. The drawback of the accelerate mix is cost.

Currently, they are working on the finishing touches of a 3D printed house they call the Fibonacci House because it conforms to the Fibonacci sequence in its spiral form. This seemingly small structure will have 2 lofted rooms for the ability to sleep 4.