With the compromises required to meet the country’s strict towing laws, French tiny houses are a tough sell for all but the most dedicated downsizers.

However, this contemporary tiny house by Baluchon is one of the more practical examples from that part of the world and fits a home for two with separate kitchen, dining area, and living room into a total length of just 6 m (19.6 ft). It also has generous glazing, including a skylight that lets owners fall asleep gazing at the stars.

The Tiny House Insoumise (or Tiny House Insubordinate) is based on a double-axle trailer and finished in cedar, with aluminum detailing and roof.Visitors enter the home via a glass sliding door to find a snug living room that contains a coffee table, chair, and a sofa bed that sleeps two, with a large window framing the view.

The kitchen area is nearby and features a small dining table that can just about squeeze in four people (again there’s a large window), plus a sink, mini fridge/freezer, and an oven and propane-powered four-burner stove. There’s also some cabinetry and storage space and the kitchen area connects to a small bathroom with a toilet, shower and a sink.