Communicating throughout HR Disruption is Critical—Implement these 3 Suggestions for a Mindful, Organized Approach

Is any HR organization immune to disruption? Probably not in today’s world—organizations across industries and markets should consider changing if they hope to keep pace with disruptions in work, workplaces, and how work gets done. Regardless of the source of disruption—harmonizing a total rewards program, a cloud or other technology implementation, a performance management shift—communicating with employees as changes unfold is as important as the work you do to implement the change itself.

Proactive, not reactive. How well you communicate throughout a disruptive event instills a sense of confidence in employees that “you got this.” It also builds trust that you are considering their interests and recognize them as important stakeholders with a role in how successful the change ultimately turns out to be.

How can you most effectively add “Communicate” to your already long to-do list?

Organization is key. Remember that HR changes aren’t happening in a silo, so it’s essential to look more broadly at what the organization is facing, what changes are coming up, and even what “business as usual” activities or events are on tap. Keeping the big picture in mind says to employees that you are approaching the disruption in an intentional and organized way.

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