The historic 8th Street Arch Bridge in downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota is part of the city’s vision for its Big Sioux River Greenway.
The bridge and the river have been important combined assets for Sioux Falls for over 100 years, and while use of the river has changed some from its early days, the bridge continues to be an important connector to communities across the river.

The 8th Street Arch Bridge was constructed and opened to traffic in 1912, replacing an outdated structure built in 1882. Sioux Falls had begun as the Village of Sioux Falls in 1876 and soon transitioned to the City of Sioux Falls in 1883, growing quickly in population from 2,164 in 1880 to 10,167 just a decade later.

This growth taxed the existing structure, and in 1911 the decision was made to replace the existing bridge to meet the needs of the city’s current and planned growth. A plaque on the existing bridge notes the structure was “considered an engineering masterpiece at the time of its construction.”