French tiny house firm Baluchon recently completed a new model that measures just 6 m (19.6 ft) long.

Despite its compact frame, the towable dwelling serves as home to a family of three.spruce frame with cedar cladding. Its exterior features external shelving for plants and its overall design is similar to Baluchon’s Escapade model.Visitors enter into the living room, which includes a sofa, with some shelving above, and a small dining table nearby.

A tiny wood-burning stove provides heating and the kitchen is adjacent. This has a washer/dryer, cabinetry, sink, and a small fridge. However, there’s no oven installed, so presumably the owners make use of a camping stove or just eat out a lot, which seems a missed opportunity as the kitchen isn’t that small, at least by French tiny house standards.

Further into the home is the bathroom, which is small and has a shower and composting toilet.There are two bedrooms in the Astrild Tiny House. The parents’ room is reached by a storage-integrated staircase and has a double bed, while the kid’s room is opposite and has a single bed. It’s accessed by a removable ladder.