MnDOT construction projects require tons of hot mix asphalt each year, with over 188 road and bridge projects in the 2020 construction season alone.

Historically, plant mixed asphalt has been weighed, tracked and paid for with computer-generated paper tickets. Paper ticketing isn’t an ideal process for a variety of reasons—on-site ticket collection poses safety risks, tickets can be easily lost, and data must be tabulated manually, just to name a few.

A research implementation project, funded by the state research program, is pilot testing an electronic ticketing system that records truck weight digitally, tracks asphalt delivery trucks via GPS and notes truck departure and arrival times through the use of “geofences.Safety is always a top concern for MnDOT,” said Rebecca Embacher, Advanced Materials and Technology Engineer, who is leading the project. “The more people we can get out of these areas trafficked with heavy machinery, the better.”