Apple and Foster + Partners’ longstanding partnership has again borne fruit as the two firms have collaborated on another new store, this time in Beijing, China. Named Apple Sanlitun, the project is topped by solar panels and is defined by its generous glazing, which helps fill the interior with natural light.

Apple Sanlitun replaces Apple’s first China store, which opened on a nearby plot in 2008, and offers twice as much space as that original store did. Its facade is made up of 33-ft (10-m)-tall glass panels that were fabricated in Tianjin and are adorned with what looks like a decorative gold filigree.

The building is topped by a large overhanging roof that has integrated solar panels and is designed to provide protection from extremes in heat and rain, says Foster + Partners. Additionally, the firm says that the store comprises a structural system that will withstand seismic forces while still allowing for large column-free interior spaces.