A platform developed by startup Avvir uses mobile lasers to scan construction projects as work proceeds and employs artificial intelligence to identify mistakes as they develop. The company has raised $10 million to grow its workforce and to advance the technology.



Avvir, a startup using laser scans and AI to catch construction mistakes, today announced that it raised $10 million in a funding round led by Trust Ventures. The New York-based startup, which is valued at $40 million, says it’ll use the funds to expand its workforce while improve its technology platform.

Mistakes often prove to be costly in the construction industry. According to a study commissioned by Autodesk, 5% of construction professionals’ time is spent on nonproductive activities including looking for project information, conflict resolution, and dealing with errors and rework. It’s estimated that these activities cost the U.S. construction sector alone over $177 billion in labor in 2018.

Avvir, which was founded in 2017 by CEO Raffi Holzer and CTO Tira Odhner, provides a platform that monitors construction progress for budget and schedule overruns. Customers send Avvir fabrication models and then deploy mobile lasers that can scan up to 30 square kilometers in an hour, even while construction is ongoing. Custom computer vision algorithms compare photographs and the scans with the building plans and catch errors and delays.

Avvir claims it can identify construction problems like unlevel floors to one-eighth inch of accuracy.Avvir can refresh bills of materials with site laser scans to document real-world modifications as they occur. The platform automatically pushes updates to models and enables monitoring of the percent completion of projects.

Avvir tracks the progress on systems with color renderings that show which portions of the building geometry are finished and which aren’t — actual progress can be mapped against the schedule to highlight where the timeline might be off target.