A new company is commercialising its ideas for how to use recycled concrete and carbon dioxide in construction.

Vivian Tam earned her PhD from City University of Hong Kong in 2005 when she invented a two-stage mixing approach for recycled concrete.She then moved to Australia to join Griffith University, and has been at Western Sydney University (WSU) since 2009.There, she is Associate Dean (International) and Professor in Construction Management, specialising in topics including sustainable construction, green building and life-cycle assessment.

The past few years have seen her return to recycled concrete for work that has earned her a runner-up place at the prestigious Scopus Researcher of the Year Awards for Excellence in Creating a Sustainable Future.This work has also been spun out into a company, Ecobond, which launched in January 2018.“I put a hold on all publications because, in March 2017, this particular project also got selected by Innoyvz’s Waste and Recycling Technologies Program,” Tam told create of publishing developments on what she calls CO2 Concrete.