Drones help concrete contractors foster jobsite safety through remote inspections, images of site progress and information not visible at ground level, writes J.P. Giometti from Heavy Construction Systems Specialists. Contractors can also use drone imagery to measure stockpiles and prevent jobsite theft.



Advanced concrete contractors utilize drones and drone software as part of their broader effort to use new robotic technologies to proactively inspect and maintain concrete roads, bridges, and infrastructures.

Drones collect data in real-time by flying over the jobsite, allowing managers to see what is happening, track project progress, and help discover early issues. Typically, concrete contractors fly drones around multiple sites multiple times a week, processing thousands of images and finding new use cases and workflows.

Drones capture videos and images, but it is imperative that you use a software solution that can understand the information captured and make it worthwhile for your organization. Surveyors and contractors can quickly collect survey data from drones to create high-quality 3D models.

Concrete contractors share the 3D model generated with drone data across multiple team members for enhanced project collaboration. These contractors collaborate with a technology partner to successfully develop and implement their drone programs.

Drone systems, which include the drone itself and software to process data, are becoming increasingly common at jobsites, helping contractors to capture surveying, planning, and worksite data. This information can be used to increase safety, check work progress, monitor materials and equipment, and gain insights through advanced analytics to make more informed decisions.