Don’t let fear or misunderstanding of artificial intelligence deter you from the possible positive outcomes of the technology’s adoption.

Throughout human history, there have been dramatic technological shifts. From the Industrial Revolution to the Internet, certain moments have forced significant change across every business category. While AI still might make some uneasy, it is largely because the technology is misunderstood or unfamiliar. Like many previous disruptions, it will inevitably cause fast, dramatic change, but could lead to new opportunities and ways of doing business.

Here are 4 applications of AI that could positively benefit the construction industry.Site security and theft prevention Construction site theft is a common problem general contractors face especially on large scale projects or sites located in highly populated and congested areas. NER estimates that stolen equipment can cost US business between $300 million to $1 billion each year. The frenzy of activity and nightly shut-downs make construction sites an easy target for looting.