3XN’s Cube Berlin is an ambitious new office building in Germany that takes the form of an eye-catching glass box.

The futuristic building provides office staff with a remarkable amount of control over their surroundings using a smartphone app and is designed to “learn” their habits over time.Cube Berlin was commissioned by Austrian real estate developer CA Immo and measures 42.5 m (almost 140 ft) in each direction. Its facade features a complex pattern of triangles, with sections pushed inward to host outdoor terraces on each level.

The roof is envisioned as a “fifth facade,” and provides a large terrace area suitable for relaxing and hosting events. 3XN also contends that even with all that glazing, the building is still energy efficient.”Contrary to conventional wisdom, the fully glazed facade of Cube Berlin is highly energy efficient due to its osmotic skin and thoughtful design that includes a pioneering application of solar coatings on the outer skin of the double facade,” says the firm. “This, in addition to a suite of technical solutions that include energy capture from heat, allow Cube Berlin to perform as a highly energy effective fully glazed building.”