Building information modeling, the SiteAware platform for digital construction verification and the robotic total station for remote operation during layout are three of the top technologies helping builders meet growing demand without sacrificing quality. Scott Remer explores how these solutions are used, one in conjunction with another, to achieve new efficiencies and break down silos.



As the demand for development continues to grow, construction companies must find ways to keep up efficiently without sacrificing the quality of projects.

Today, using technology is the No. 1 element of construction that increases accuracy and takes projects to new heights. With technology constantly advancing and there being a variety of options to optimize the construction approach available today, construction firms can evolve by producing higher-quality results in less time.

This is further proven by the Construction Industry Institute, as research validates that the adoption of proven technology can improve construction industry productivity by 30%-45%, as well as improve material predictability and reliability.

Some of the industry’s top technological differentiators include:

Building Information Modeling: All our projects are modeled in Revit before a shovel goes into the ground. Our BIM/VDC department coordinates with the owner, design team, project team and all applicable trade partners to produce a unified construction model.

With the recent rollout of Procore’s Coordination Issue tool within the Procore platform, our company can assign and track clash detections from the model with greater speed and with increased transparency.

A digital construction verification platform, SiteAware uses drone technology, the BIM model, contract drawings and shop drawings to do a complete comparison of actual in-place work against the design, prior to concrete pours.

Within hours of the photo scans, a report is generated showing any deviation from the field to the model, making it possible to make the corrections before placing concrete.