Engineers who design slabs on metal deck aren’t thinking about the contractor; they don’t have any real design guidance concerning deflection or crack control or how the tolerances can be different between the concrete and the steel.

As a contractor, therefore, don’t be afraid to talk to the engineer about all this. Use the ACI documents and the ASCC documents and present your case.This was the opening message from Chris Tull, CRT Concrete Consulting, the first speaker at the Quality in Concrete Slabs Luncheon during the 2019 World of Concrete.

The topic for the luncheon was appropriate specifications for elevated slabs, with an all-star panel of Tull; Matt Poppoff, Poppoff, Inc; Stevie Ray Lloyd, Lloyd Concrete Services; and Walt Flood, Flood Testing Laboratories. Here are some tips they provided during the luncheon.

Concerning construction loads, the contractor should ask the engineer what equipment is OK to put on the deck—laser-guided screeds? Can your system handle those loads?